• Daoism (Taoism) |

    Learn about Daoism (sometimes called Taoism), a movement that developed alongside Confucianism into both a philosophy and a religion, becoming one of … Daoist mastery can be achieved through any skill and can be characterized by the mystical sense of having transcended deliberate skill through guidance of the dao. Undiscovered Read more [...]

  • Religion – One World Publications

    Oneworld is well known for its religion list, with its well established programme of raising awareness of and tolerance between the different religions around the globe. With many bestsellers and eminent authors, we are proud to produce valuable and informative titles on religions from Islam to Buddhism, and on issues Read more [...]


    Major world religions. Menu. Taoism (a.k.a. Daoism) … Information sources on Taoism/Daoism: Texts, websites, popular books. horizontal line …

  • Daoism | Asia Society

    Humans mode themselves on earth, Earth on heaven, Heaven on the Way, And the way on that which is naturally so. — There is certainly one other area of human life that seems to be missing from the Confucian-Daoist synthesis that characterized Chinese thought before the introduction of Buddhism in Read more [...]

  • Daoism in China

    Unlike Buddhism, Daoists do not believe that life is suffering. Daoism believes that life is generally happy but that it should be lived with balance and virtue. The two religions often butted heads when both vied to become the official religion of the Imperial Court. Daoism did become the official Read more [...]

  • Daoist Philosophy [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

    Along with Confucianism, “Daoism” (sometimes called “Taoism“) is one of the two great indigenous philosophical traditions of China. As an English term, Daoism corresponds to both Daojia (“Dao family” or “school of the Dao”), an early Han dynasty (c. 100s BCE) term which describes so-called “philosophical” texts and thinkers such Read more [...]

  • Jain Samaj

    Information on the temples, saints, matrimonial services, celebrities, associations, organisations and Jain literature. Members and business directory.

  • Jainworld

    Combines the aspirations of Jains around the globe and is being positioned to link various aspects of their lives, cutting across all barriers. By undertaking these wholesome activities, we acquire punya or good karmas. Such activities are: providing food or other items to the needy people, doing charity work, propagating Read more [...]


    Jainism contains many elements that are somewhat similar to parts of Hinduism and Buddhism. The world’s almost 4 million Jains are almost entirely located in India. There are about 1,410 in Canada…

  • Jainism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jainism is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. Its philosophy and practice emphasize the necessity of self-effort to move the soul towards divine consciousness and liberation. Any soul that has conquered its own inner enemies and achieved the state of supreme being is Read more [...]

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