Single AdSpace Lease - Self Managed Advertising
Yearly $36
Product Listing in The Merchant Queues
Price Lock For Life of the account
100% money back guarantee if not satisfied during trial period
Featured in our Random Showcased Business through out the Queues
Cross Promoted with similar businesses
Featured in our New Listings on our Billboard
Tied into Social sharing for Facebook, Google+, Twitter (other platforms coming)
Indexed in MerchantQ Google Custom Search
Add Unlimited content to your Adspace (say what you want to say)
Add Video and Images anywhere in your Adspace or Business Page/Billboard/Storefront
Advertiser Dashboard to manage your Advertising
Full access to your account to change as you feel fit whenever, however
Access to our Knowledge base and MerchantQ Online Retailers Network for Support
Brand-able Personal Business profile/Billboard/Storefront
Configure your Social Profile (Twitter/Facebook/Linkdin/Google+/Youtube/Instagram)
Define your Business Policies (Refunds, Cancellations and Returns, Shipping)
Full Adspace/Product Manager
List external Links to products or sell directly through the Marketplace
Export Ads to save tem to import them at a later date and use again. ( build it one time)
Able to schedule Sale dates for a product or service
Set visibility of your listing in the Marketplace
Upsell/Link to your other Adspaces
Enable/Disable reviews for your listings
Profile Progress Monitor to make sure you dont miss anything when setting up your Profile
Complete Advertising Freedom, and total Business Advertising Loss Reduction. Only means one thing..Business Growth!
So many more benefits to list!
So what are we waiting for? Click below and give us a shot to prove ourselves worthy of your business.
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Storefront - Self Managed Adspace Leasing / 12 Adspaces
Monthly $5
Self Managed Adspace/Storefront
Continue with All the same features as your Single Adspace account
Gives you 12 Additional Adspaces in your platform
Categorize all your Offerings
Showcase all your Offerings in your own personal Branded Business page
Unlocks your E-commerce portion of your Dashboard
Sell physical products directly through the Marketplace - 3% commissions
Sales Management platform
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