When you find a Merchant Website you like, you simply select “Add to My Favorites” under any of the Listings. You won’t be following a specific product per say, you will be following that Merchants website and their Ad space. The nice thing about the way it works is that each Merchant has an ad space and their ads will change as they put up different deals or product pages . Or you will see a  Live screen shot of the Merchants website so when they make changes to their website it will reflect in your Shopping Queues. You will be able to follow what a particular business is doing at a glance. Once you have your Shopping Queues filled with your favorite Merchants,  no more searching.

Login to your MerchantQ account and simply open “My Favorite Shopping Websites” to see what your Merchants are offering today.

Shop the Marketplace and watch the Billboard as new merchants come on board. Soon you will have all your favorite shopping websites in one nice, simple and easy location. Have fun and enjoy online shopping again.

New feature enables you to create your own categories to organize your shopping websites. Create categories for the Merchants you use for your Pets, your Clothing, Automotive and Parts suppliers, Hobby or Craft supplies. What about your Legal dealings or your Finance. How about your Service providers, landscaper, plumber, well you get the idea.

Its your space, clean and free of ads or anything else. Please let us know what you think and how it works for you.   Back To My Favorite Shopping Websites