A business’s abiltiy to utilize Facebook as a means to reach customers has declined exponentially. Our reach from our facebook Business Page alone has declined by the hundreds depending on what the content of the post is. (want to reach more of your fans, start posting images that contain what you want to say. Hard to filter and route an image).

We ran a Paid reach ad and I was stunned by the amount of reaches vs the amount of interactions I got with my ad. I got about 2% return on my advertising money, and its because alot of the people my ad is getting in front of is not currently interested in what I am offering. Now I know that 2% is good when it comes as growth but this is not growth, this is declining. Next is 1%, soon you will have to pay for every individual reach on Facebook.

Now because of the way Facebook has implemented its feeds for users you will have to pay somewhere in the range of $1.00 for every new potential customer or per interaction. Now its not bad if every new customer becomes a buyer, but if you get 1 buying customer out of 8 then it cost you $8 dollars to aquire 1 new paying customer. That’s ridiculous

MerchantQ is an up and coming new way of advertising with a cost of advertising that will allow you to have huge %age returns. Check out our advertising benefits. The customers that are on MerchantQ are there because they are looking for what you have to offer. You no longer have to reach out to the customer. They will reach out to you.

Please read the article at the bottom of the page to help you better understand why you are spending so much money to advertise on Facebook and other advertising platforms and not getting anywhere, then come on over to MerchantQ.

Food for thought: If you had a business that sold parachutes, why would you pay to place an ad on Facebook or Google only to have it spammed out to everyone and there brother, in the hopes it reaches someone who at the time of seeing the ad just happens to be looking for a parachute. Huh? Right?

While other advertising platforms try and figure out how to reach interested people, with Your money, come over to MerchantQ where we got it figured out.

Customers who are looking to buy a parachute are going to go to the Parachutes Queue or the Skydiving Queue to look for what they want. The customer comes to you.

We put the interests together and make them available for the customer to choose. All you have to do is be there when they show up. If they are there, they are interested. And you Don’t pay a dime to get them there. You only pay for the ability to be able to place your ad. The reach is free and specific, guaranteed interested customers. Remember, if they are in your Queue they are interested.

And we have made it remarkably easy for someone who is interested in buying something, to be able to find a merchant who will provide it. So its a win win for the Consumer and the Merchant. E-commerce shopping made easy. Come help us separate E-commerce from the rest of the web, its time it had its own place.

Stop paying for reaches that do you no good. Stop sweating about the cost and trying to figure out what part of your business you are going to steal from to get your advertising budget. Save money, come over to MerchantQ and get on board now.


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