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Pest control services for the White Mountains of Arizona including Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, & surrounding areas.

Whether its caring for your home or business, De Soto Exterminating will design a custom pest control service program to meet your individual needs. Our pest control program begins with a thorough inspection and assessment of your property.

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Best Pest Control Near Pinetop, Lakeside, Showlow, White Mountains!

Our policy for dealing with pests, from termites to spiders, is based on the industrial code of practices and guidelines’ legal requirements. To ensure we deliver the highest possible level of rodent control and bee control service we adhere strictly to the code of professional conduct, which governs how we are to do business. There is no reason to live with pests given the ease in which they can be dealt with, so if you need a pest and termite control please don’t hesitate to get in touch as our professional technicians have a variety of techniques at their disposal to eliminate these pests from your property.


Pest Control Services

De Soto exterminating understands our customers needs and we look forward to filling those needs with effective solutions to termite and pest control problems. Family owned and operated since 1986 we can offer highly trained technicians that cover a wide range of pest control services including, residential, commercial, industrial, and small to large buildings.

At De Soto exterminating we are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and we understand the priority and satisfaction of our customer base. As a family owned and operated business we can provide personal and caring service to every client.

De Soto Exterminating Follows All Arizona Law Pest Removal Protocols


Termite Inspection

termite inspection

De Soto exterminating offers professional and high quality termite inspections. Our personal service with more than 25 years experience has been developed and made efficient through the 25 years of service.

Termite Exterminators

termite exterminators
De Soto exterminating offers experience and peace of mind through professional high-quality service. We care about the safety of your family and offer child and pet friendly termite eradication methods. Fully certified licensed and bonded in Arizona

Rodent Control

rodent control
Rodents can be and an embarrassing and costly nuisances in your home and can cause considerable damage. They are known to carry and spread over 35 different diseases that can be spread directly to humans through touch and secondary means. Not only are they damaging to your home but they can be dangerous to your health if left unchecked.
They will eat anything that a human eats and can contaminate any food that they have gotten into. Rodents are able to squeeze and crawl through the tiniest of spaces making them masters at entering a home without your knowledge.
At De Soto Exterminating we’re trained to catch rodents and eliminate their entry points and keep them under control and at bay.

Bee Control

Bee Control
Bees are a vital part of our lives, but when they invade your home they can become a dangerous and damaging problem for the homeowner. Left unchecked colonies can get very large in a short period of time and can be very dangerous to both humans and animals alike.
We recommend that nests be taken care of as soon as possible. De Soto Exterminating has what it takes to deal with your bee problem, no matter the size!

Bed Bugs Arizona

Bee Control
Arizona law outlines bed-bug protocol Bed Bugs of Arizona  a small yet damaging bug when invited into your home. Usually brought into the home by used Mattresses or Furniture that you may have found in the alley or thrift store. It’s likely that you are not noticing the tiny creatures but may notice small bug bites on your legs and such. Although bed bugs are not known to spread disease you may consider De Soto Exterminating for professional pest removalDe Soto Pest Control Services follows all Arizona State bed-bug removal protocols. Call Us For A Free Consultation





Currently De Soto Exterminating has had a long term location in

  • Scottsdale, Arizona Servicing the Greater Phoenix Valley
  • White Mountains, Arizona. Including Show low, Pinetop, Lakeside, & Surrounding Location

Frequently Asked Questions: Pest Control


Do you offer free consultations?

“Yes We Offer Free Consultations”

Do you offer hassle free pest control?

“Yes we like to make it simple for customers & its hassle free because we finish the job we started”

Does De Soto Exterminating handle bigger pests like Rattlesnakes? or Skunks?

“Yes just call and lets make this easy for the both of us, we will search out the pests and eliminate the problem.”

“We Love The Challenge Of Larger Pests.”

Do you offer monthly services at a flat rate for second and primary residences?

De Soto offers services tailored to each Customers, So Please Choose Us and Contact Us for a Free Quote”

Do you handle bed bug infestations?

“Yes, we can handle all your bed bug problems.”

How can I protect my family from bed bug problems?

“Always inspect any second-hand furniture you buy before moving it in to your home as well as inspecting luggage after returning from any trip. If you think you may have an infestation you should contact us immediately, the longer they have to breed the harder they are to control and exterminate.”

How can you tell if you have a bed bug problem?

“Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, so you will be able to spot them. Keep an eye out for skins, juvenile bed bugs will shed their skin when growing, or their defecation which will look like black or brown stains on porous surfaces and black or brown piles on hard surfaces. Also if you have been noticing bites on your body combined with these other indications you can be pretty sure you have an infestation.”

Why are bed bugs so hard to treat?

“Bed bugs are extremely hardy creatures. They can go more than a year without food and can survive in a wide variety of temperatures ranging from almost freezing up to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.”  

As a Real Estate Agent can our office call for your inspection and treatment of termites?

 “We Love Local Realtors!”

How do we know if we have a termite problem?

“Look for blistering or sagging areas in your laminate flooring. Or unexplained cracks in your walls or ceilings as termites consume cellulose that is in timber used in your home. Since termites generally feed on wood below the surface check for hollow sounding wood beams. And also keep an eye out for mud tubes, subterranean termites will build mud tubes to travel around in. Generally on basement or foundation walls.”  



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