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Greeting Cards, Toys, Molded Chocolates, Unique Spice Blends, Anti-Rat spray and more!

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Best Products Marketplace

CUSTOM SWEETS Where you can get fully custom molds made for chocolate and the site is adding semi custom and some stock molds that you normally cannot find anywhere else on the Internet.

ANTIRATPRO This site is all about a real super solution to keep critters from eating up the wiring and insulation under your hood or keeping pets from chewing on things without using a poison.

DRAGON FIRE SPICES This is a fantastic site for some very unique and new flavored spices along with a CRAZY HOT SPICE!

DRAGON FIRE MILK This site is a brand new site where you can get specific drinks that you brew in a coffee pot. With or without caffeine!

DRAGON FIRE TOPS These tops are a new invention of Dan Miller. These tops feature the ability to score like dice or can also be used for divination like the I Ching, or Runes Casting.

MOLD STORE USA You can get stock molds here for concrete, soap, chocolate, and more! All made in the USA!

XLD CARDS Artist created cards that are suitable for framing! Also, custom greeting cards and invitation cards for business customers can be ordered from this site. This site is perfect for fundraising programs.

ELVEN GAMES Where imagination is fired by reality! All of the games and game systems on Elven Games™ are made in the USA by Danial CrowTalker.

TAKE A CARD Our specially designed plastic card holders were originally designed for people that wanted to leave a stack of business cards on bulletin boards in a nice and professional way. These card holders have been proven to be far more useful than just for bulletin board applications.

420 MOLDS Where you can get fully custom molds made for 420 related chocolates, gummy candies, 420 related soap molds, and the site is the place to order stock molds that you normally cannot find anywhere else on the Internet.

There are many more sites in the works at this time that will be joining us soon in the list above!


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