Adspace Search Engine Optimization Service


Need help finding the proper keywords and phrases that consumers use when searching for your Product or Service?

We will identify keywords and search phrases customers are using and get search volume data and customize your Adspace to Target your customer base in Google Search.




We will work with you to identify your target market and We will provide you with the top Keywords and phrases and the volume of searches per month that consumers are using when searching for your product or service.

We will custom taylor your keyword/phrase report to match your Business, Product or Service.

Use in your Ad/Business Listing and on your Website to target your market.

Please be sure to provide your User name, domain and contact number for me to call you at, so we can discuss your needs.

Example: You sell Fly Fishing Supplies.

Key words in order of relevance to the site

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
fly fishing supplies 100 – 1K
fly fishing 10K – 100K
fishing tackle 10K – 100K
fishing reels 10K – 100K
fly fishing gear 1K – 10K
fly tying 1K – 10K
fishing rod 10K – 100K
fly tying supplies 1K – 10K
fly rod 1K – 10K
fly fishing flies 1K – 10K
fishing gear 10K – 100K
fly reels 1K – 10K
fishing poles 10K – 100K
fly fishing rod 1K – 10K
fishing flies 1K – 10K
fly tying 
fly tying materials 
fly tying tools 
fly tying vise 
fly tying hooks 
tying flies 
fly tying vises 
fly tying shop 
fly tying shops 
fly tying patterns 
Keyword (by relevance)
fly fishing rod 
fly rod 
good fly fishing rods 
fly rod fishing 
fishing fly rods 
fly fishing rod parts 
bamboo fly fishing rods 
top fly fishing rods 
fly fishing tackle 
fly tackle 
fly fishing tackle shops 
fly fishing tackle online 
fly fishing tackle for sale 
fishing fly tackle
fly fishing gear 
saltwater fly fishing gear 
fly gear 
best fly fishing gear 
fly fishing gear online 
fly tying gear 


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