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Google Indexing and Ranking of your Index Card

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Does Google even know your available for Search Results?

Go Ahead and Click the link below.. see how your Index card for MerchantQ looks in Google.

This is your targeting details for Google.
This is what Google uses to determine your response availability, (How they find you and match you to Searches), then they use content from your landing page to determine your level of Authority in rank position for response in the SERP’s to consumer search request.

Make sure you target your MerchantQ listing for this Card.
And create content in your listing that is specific to the Target Details.
You will rank high in Googles eyes.

When a customer searches on Google.. Be the answer/solution.
A customer wants what they want when they want it, and they want it now!
Give them what they want!..

Be the Authority
We give you that opportunity with an Optimized MerchantQ Index card for Google Search!

click link for  MerchantQ index in Google SERP’s

Are your products and services being presented to the consumer?
Let MerchantQ help you get a market share.

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