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MerchantQ has been around since the internet traffic first started getting diverted off the phone networks (1998-2002) and when people and small brick and mortar businesses really started showing an interest in starting a business selling on the internet.

I was a software engineer with Lucent Technologies on the ICD (Internet Call Diversion) and Software switch which was responsible for pulling the internet traffic off the “Ma Bell” phone network and putting it on its own network… The network that all of you get switched to in order to access the internet today.

That is where MerchantQ got its start, I saw the opportunity in e-commerce (electronic Shopping) on the internet, and the opportunity to help everyday people to get started in business online.. so I started a Web Hosting company and a Domain Registrar, called Fastrax Webhosting, in order to sell domain names and host peoples website storefronts, I had a business partner I teamed up with who was a programmer, Shane Leach, who programmed and built the MerchantQ platform to provide website store fronts for individuals wanting to start a business selling online, and we provided thousands of drop ship products to list and sell in their stores..a Turn Key Online Business. We have businesses online today that got their start with MerchantQ back in 2002, when the start of small business online E-commerce really started taking off.

In 2012 I started building a New Software platform which would divert small business e-commerce away from the saturated internet traffic, onto its own platform. The Merchant Queues are born! MerchantQ is a federally trademarked Brand and is the one and only Small Business Advertising and Shopping platform which Provides a web site which features advertisements for the goods and services of others on a global computer network and Provides a website for connecting small business sellers with buyers, and provides the rental of advertising space on the internet, and a Consumer shopping network directly integrated into the advertisers network.

The MerchantQ platform will revolutionize Small business advertising and consumer connections with those businesses. Its a win for small business advertising and a consumer shopping solution. MerchantQ is still here 18 years later! and MerchantQ is a solid advertising investment.

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