MerchantQ is changing its platform to focus on the reopening of Small Businesses and support the rebuilding of our Global Economy after this devastating COVID Pandemic.

We understand that Mom and Pop and Family Owned Businesses have been devastated, we know the cost of advertising, and we know the cost of not being able to communicate with your customer base.

We have opened our platform to help every small business owner start to Get Back on Your Feet and want to offer small businesses a Free Business Landing Page on our Global Network, to tell the customer Who you are, What you are about, and What you have to offer.

Reconnect with your customers, let us help you with a free Lifetime Membership. I will never charge you in the future, We will cover the cost.

MerchantQ is a Registered Trademark of Larry Swanson, and has been serving small businesses for 19 years always following the problems of ecommerce and always changing as needed to provide solutions for Small Business. We are a self funded platform, supported by the Brand Owner and any donations.

*As long as MerchantQ can sustain its network, we got your back*