About the Website

The MerchantQ website provides Creative Interactive Advertising (CIA) to E-commerce Merchants who sell goods and services online, through the rental of website advertising space on a global computer network in order to connect with consumers, and provide updated product information instantly and on demand.

We have over 1900 categories of shopping websites to choose from to satisfy all the consumers online shopping needs. New Merchants are listing their online shopping sites in the Merchant Queues daily. So come watch us grow as we put together the best online shopping sites on the web.

Our Mission is to help Consumers and Online Merchants come together.
To provide rental of advertising space to allow Businesses the ability to interact live and on demand with the consumer, and to have control of their Ad Space to change as they feel fit. The Merchant can better provide the consumer with more direct and instant product information and updates, and better connect with the consumer.
To provide the Consumer with a platform in which they can easily navigate and search to find online businesses and service providers to do business with, and to be able to save and categorize their Merchants all in their own simple to use and manage personal space. And to be able to follow a Merchant and get instant updates on what a Merchant has to offer.
If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know. Together we can make finding Merchants on the internet a more pleasant experience.