It’s true that starting an online store can be a little bit intimidating when it comes to the business aspects (think taxes, legal filings, the business paperwork, etc.)

But one thing that’s surprisingly untrue is that those aspects of small business ownership make the leap into a new venture costly and unrealistic for the average person. In fact, there are many low cost — sometimes even free —options out there that make life a whole lot easier (and less scary, too!)

In this post, we’re going to focus on the legal side of business ownership, and point out 25 places to find low-cost legal advice, tools, platforms and resources for your online store that you can start using right away. We’ll even share some free tools, too. Hooray!

Let’s start with some of the versatile platforms that have several different features and uses.

Low-Cost Legal Advice, Tools, and Platforms

Whether you need a tool to help you find the right lawyer, or you simply need to find and download the right legal document, these resources are make owning an online store just a little bit simpler.

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Source: 25 Places to Find Low-Cost Legal Advice For Your Business